Rudra Veena artist

Sharada Mushti is a Rudra Veena player.
She is trained in Dhrupad style under the distinguished Imdadkhani gharana of Indian Classical music. She is a disciple of Pandit Arvind Parikh, doyen of Imdadkhani gharana. She received foundation training in dhrupad and dhamar from sitar maestro Pandit Rajeev Janardan, who put her on the path of identifying her music and continues to nurture her musical journey.

Sharada was introduced to Indian and World music at a very early age and was continuously engaged in many musical genres, in both vocal and instrumental. She is a trained architect and in retrospect sees her journey so far as a preparation in developing an attitude to naturally receive something as sophisticated and simple as the Rudra Veena and Dhrupad. In her words "Architecture and Music, both volumetric and multidimensional crafts, take shape in the artist’s negotiation of rhythm and repetition, space and time, and order and chaos.” She believes her compositions are a syntheses of the varied influences and inward explorations that have informed her musical life, making her musical style to be akin to the ancient and meditative Dhrupad style that is traditional to this instrument.

She is a graded artist of All India Radio and has performed at various concerts across Europe and India. She is also co-director of designhabit, a premier design studio in Delhi, India specialising in Narrative Museum design.